Scammer Details

The list below consists of names and email addresses involved in perpetrating a scam. Needless to say, if the you are dealing with someone who is on the list below, politely walk away right now and save yourself a lot of trouble (feel free to let them know you got their details from us).

If you have arrived at this page as a result of searching for someone’s email address, chances are that you are being setup for a scam. In the event that you have already become the victim of a scam, be sure to report it here or discuss a noteworthy scammer from below in our scammer forum

Whatever transaction you are about to step into, proceed with caution if the deal is too good to be true.

Al Qasimi Associates,
Aaron Addison,
Abdalla Abdul
Abdul Rahman Al Qasimi
Abhi Patel
Abigail Spencer
Adam Cutriss
Adrain Bayford
Adrian Bayford FrankGibbs13@Hotmail.Com
Adriana Michaels
Adrienne larkin
Agdam Tugoev
Aidan Hewitt
Alan Coyle
Alan Macdonald
Alan and violet large
Aldwin Carl
Aldwin Clay
Aldwin G. Carl
Aldwin G. Carl
Aldwin G. Clay
Alex Benjamin
Alex Bustno
Alex Jones
Alexa Warren
Alexander Ghenova
Alexander Ghenova
Alexander Jackson
Alexander Jensen
Alexander Trowell,
Alexander W. Banks
Alexander W. Banks
Alexander W. Jones
Alexander W. Jones
Alexander W. Jones
Alexander W. Jones
Alexandra Steele
Alexandria Wiscovitch
Alexis Abigail
Alexis Leonard
Alexis Leonard, Carol Jennifer
Alfie Perrin
Alice Drew
Alice Woods AliceWoods1
Allan and violet large
Allen And Violet Large
Allen Large
Allen Large
Allen Large
Allen Large
Allen Large
Allen Large
Allen Large
Allen Large
Allen Large
Allen Large
Allen Large
Allen Large
Allen Large
Allen Large
Allen Violet Large
Allen Violet Large
Allen West
Allen Williams
Allen and Violet Large
Allen and Violet Large
Allen and Violet Large
Allen and Violet Large
Allen and Violet Large
Allen and Violet Large
Allen and Violet Large
Allen and Violet Large
Allen and Violet Large
Allen and Violet Large
Allen and Violet Large
Allen and Violet Large
Allen and violet large
Allen and violet large, allen_andvioletlarge@ya
Allen and violet large
Allen large
Allen large
Allen large
Allen large
Allen large
Allstate Financial Services Ltd
Alonso Dino
Alphonce, Serah M.
Alvaro Vela
Alyssa Collins
Amanda Larson
Amanda R Brasher
Amanda R. Brasher
Amanda van niekerk
American Airlines
Amy Stonemetz
Anah Muhammed
Anderson Griffin
Anderson Harry
Andika Nareswara
Andre Kelly
Andrea Liem
Andreas Michae
Andreea Teodora Prejmereanu
Andres David Uriah
Andrew Burche
Andrew Hutton
Andrew Lester sgt.andrewlester@roger
Andrew Lester
Andrew Lester
Andrew Morris
Andrew Roundy,
Andrew White
Andrew Wilson
Andrew barry
Aneta Sniedziewska
Angela Williamson
Angie Calison
Angie Callison angiecallison
Angie Callison
Angie D Alexander
Angie callison
Anita Primoff, Anita James Primoff
Anita richard
Ann Sherman,
Ann sherman
Anna Hutkins
Anna Hutkins
Anne Walker Anne
Anne Walker
Anne Walker
Anne William
AnneMarie Sobin Will
Annelie Levin
Annelise Nommesen
Annie Nesal
Annie nasail
Annie Nasail
Ann o’brien William
Anthonty Boyland
Anthony Appia
Anthony Fir,
Anthony Haley
Anthony Smith
Anton B
Antonio Mortav
Antonio Mortav/Manager
Antony Lundy
April collier
Arden Bako
Aron Rankin
Ashley Canfield,
Ashley Connelly
Attorney Andrei Vasily or Attorney Mark Roland
Attorney George Stewart
Attorney Gilbert Rogers
Attorney Mark Edward
Attorney Mark Howard mark,
Attorney Mark Howard
Attorney Mark Howard
Attorney Mark Lawson
Attorney Mark Lawson
Attorney Mark Lawson, Susan Brown,
Attorney Mark Roland Attorney Mark Roland
Attorney Mark Roland
Attorney Mark Roland
Attorney Mark Roland
Attorney Mark Roland
Attorney Newton Blackwell
Attorney Newton Blackwell
Attorney Newton Blackwell
Attorney Newton Blackwell
Attorney William Gibson
Attorney gilbert rogers
Attorney mark howard
Attorney mr johnson /Christina lewis
Attorney william Peterson
Atty William Gibson Chamber
Audrey Bishop
Audrey Briggs
Audrey Gill
Audrey Lang
Audrey Pendleton
Avinan arron,
Axosbkc ,
Axxon Service
Azing Vondeling
Barry Jones
Bill and Mike Preston,
Bill Michael,
Bill Owen
Bol Lottery
BOL 2013 Network Lottery Promotional
BOL 2013 Network Promotion @2013
BOL 2o13, Network Promotions
Bruce Barnley
Baize Michael / Mr. and Mrs. Large
Ballet Ryan
Barbara Carson
Barbara Santos,
Barclays Bank PLC
Barker, Susan Barker, Susan
Barnes Grimes
Barnes, Alicia
Barr Johnson Odobo, DR. Tony Larry (DELIVERY AGENT)
Barr. Dennis bale
Barrister Claudio Larsen
Barrister J. Rock, Senior Advocate of Benin,
Barrister Phillip G. Adamson
Barry Coleman
Barry Coleman
Barry David
Barry Oliver Barry Oliver
Barry Oliver
Barry Richies
Barry White
Belinda Bailey Belinda Bailey
Belinda Bailey Belinda Bailey
Ben Frank J Frank,Ben Frank fvdrses
Bishop, Jenny
Bernard Merrac
Bertha Sneed Bertha.Sneed@BossierSchools.Org
Bertha Sneed
Best Smart Rentals
Beth Kirkman
Beth Fuller
Beth Hudson
Betsy Hallman
Betty Jean Clark
Betty Richmond
Bill Mazolla
Bill Mazzola, Zeez Nicholas,
Bill Owen
Bill Owen
Bill Owen
Bill Owen
Bill Owen
Bill Owen,Becky Lawrence
Bill Richard
Bill Scott
Bill Scott
Bill mazola
Bill mazolla
Billy Ray Walton, Billy Ray Scott
Bimbom Gang
Blass, Jeff & richardmorganchambers@r
Bob Gaskie
Bob Paul, Scott Harshman
Bob Pierce,
Bobby Churchland
Bol 2013 network lottery promotion
Bol 2013 network lottery promotional
Bol Gmail2013 Network Promotions
Bolyard, Anthony
Bolyard, Anthony
Bondi, Megan
Bouder Declan
Brad Bucknor
Brad Swale, from
Brad Swales
Brad Swales
Bradley Blankenship
Bradley Blankenship
Bradley Blankenship
Brasher, Amanda R
Brasher, Amanda R. With
Brent Kessler
Brian Best / Peter Zelin
Brian Daniel
Brian Morris
Brian Parker
Brian Reynolds
Brittany Thomas
Brouder Declan
Brouder declan brouder declan 29f20810dc783532ba1737806fb829c4@
Brouder delcan
Brown Janie
Brown, Elizabeth G.
Brown, Michele A.
Brunelli Holand
Bry Fooks – Bryce
Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee Bryan Lee
Bryan Parker
Bryan Stature
Bryan Taylor
Bryan Taylor
Bryan Wheatley
Bryan lee
Bryce Ferguson specialevents@bouldercounty
Bryce Fooks
Bullard, Karen L
Bullard, Karen L.
Busto, Alex
Byrne Ramirez
C Wallace
C.P.A Royal Company
C:P:A: Royal Company
Callan Dean
Camilla Ghanem
Campbell Kelly, John Campbell,
Captain Martyn Nicholls
Carl Johan Hilding
Carline Campbell Caroline Campbell
Carmaine Tan
Carmen Gonzalez
Carmen carrera castro
Carol Wilkerson, Violet & Allen Large, Valerie May Collins
Caroline Campbell
Carolyn Amerol
Carolyn Thomas
Caromel isabella
Carrie donner
Carrmen Urso
Carter Hillman/EWakeHlthSciHS/WCPSS@Staff
Cecelia Dominic Williams
Celia R Benton
Celia R. Benton
Celine Menard
Charles Rooney
Charles Smith
Charlotte Carter
Chelsea Senters
Cheryl L. Carlson
Chloe Lamb
Chloe Lamb
Chona Bustaliño Dalmacio
Chris Dawson is the name that is being used!
Chris Furis
Chris Kneizys
Chris Martins
Chris VanName
Chris kneizys
Chris tucker
Chrissy Hejny and Mr. Anderson Rick and
Christie Jones
Christina Cook
Christina Lewis, solicitors@keystonelawf
Christina Lewis,
Christina dixon
Christina lewis
Christina lewis,
Christine Cannon
Christine DelaCroix
Christopher Hall
Christopher Muhammad, Janet Brown, Nelson Powell
Christopher Stafford,
Christy or Tanyia Christina
Christy Presley (Christy.Presley@BossierSchools.Org
Chuck Welch
Cindy Aiello
Cindy Aiello / Violet & Allen Large
Cindy Leathers
Claims Director
Claims director
Clark Elster
Clark Mckinbben
Claudio Galvez
Clay zettler Clay, Zettler,
Clean Health Nutrition
Clema Owen
Clement Dash
Clement larry
Clientele Loans & info@clientele
Clientele loans
Clifford Taylor
Clint e-book conversion and data technology
Coalton Gillham,
Coalton Gillman ( and (
Cody Morgan
Cody Wilson
Cohen, Kass or Jessica Benoit
Cole Bartoromo
Collier, Clyde Collier, Clyde
Collin Williams
Company owned by pierson pic 80 strand london
Computer Technology Group cc
Dr. Andrew Goldberg, Dr. Susan Jones (Coordinator)
Mrs.Tina Harris
Rev. Andrew Goldberg Contact
Contact Person:Mrs.Helen Eastwood
Corporal Danielle Auletta
Corporal Melinda Stokes
Costumer care stonegate bank
Courtney Dahl
Craig A Sultan
Craig H Sultan
Craig H Sultan
Craig H Sultan or
Craig H. Sultan
Craig Hargedon
Craig Mickwell, Alex More
Craig Wallace
Craig Wallace
Craig Wallace
Craig h sultan
Cristina Bruce
Curtis Thompson
Cynthia & Allen Large
Cynthia Brent
Cynthia Davenport Davenport, Cynthia Cynthia.Davenport@turner.
Cynthia Davenport
Cynthia Hilson
Cynthia Thomas
Cynthia Thomas
Cynthia Thomas Julie A Thomas/
Cynthia Thomas
Cynthia Thomas
Cynthia Thomas
Cynthia Thomas William Gibson Chambers
Cynthia Thomas/Attorney William Peterson
Cynthia thomas
Cynthia thomas
D Palmer
D. Palmer Recruitment Manager
DJ McClendon
DR.Henry Dave
Dahlin E-Books and Data Conversion Technology
Dainsberg, Don Dainsberg, Don
Daisy Dai
Dale Adams
Damien Demolder
Damien Demolder
Dan Kim
Dan Kim
Dan Krut is whats identified on the email
Dan Lee Dan Lee
Dan Lee
Dana Fifer
Daniel Andrews
Daniel Burrell
Daniel Coffman
Daniel Wesley
Daniel rosa
Danielle Auletta
Danielle M Woolard
Danielle M. Woolard
Dapsy Emerald
Daric Technology Inc
Daric eBooks conversion & Data Technology &
Darin Data Conversion Inc
Darlene Barrera
Darnic Data/Labrum soft
Darren Cotton
Dave Dawes
Dave Edmond
Dave Edmond
Dave Frank
Dave Latty
Dave and Angela Dawes info@evergreenworldfoundation
Dave and Angela Dawes
Dave and Angela Dawes
Dave and Angela Dawes
David Flynn
David Gray []
David Hamilton
David Howard,
David Johnson
David Latty
David Listert
David Mark
David Millar
David Miller
David Miller
David Nicholls
David Nutter
David Oliver
David Ortega
David Osborne,
David Owen
David Patrick
David Pearson
David Pearson
David Pearson HR Manager David Pearson
David Ruscher
David Sinclair aka jeff bingham
David Williams
David Williams
David Williams. mystery shopper(
David brown & Dr. frank steve
David edmond
David miller
David miller
David nichols
Dawes Valez
Dawn Fitts
Deaf person wants to place Arbonne order
Dean via varsovia.dattawe
Dean Markley
Dean Palmer
Dean Palmer
Dean markley
Dean murray/thomas carlson ,
Deank Caputo,
Debbie Jensen
Debbie Pizzola
Debby Barnes,
Debby Mercier
Deborah Par
Deborah miller
Debra Kaiser,
Debra Maes
Debra Maes &
Debra maes / mrs. Jenny bishop
Declan Brouder
Declan Brouder
Declan Brouder
Declan brouder
Denise Donald
Dennis Matt
Dennis Molter
Dennis Molter
Dennis Moore
Dennis Morgan
Dennis Voutila
Denzel Mathew
Derrick Walker,
Dexter Charles Dexter Charles Dexter
Diana Kelly
Diana Muller (not her real name)
Diana Richey
Diana Richey williamgibson@keystonelawfirm.tlk
Diana Richey
Diana richey
Diana richey
Diane Jenkins
Diane McCauley
Diane Richey
Diego Njowe
Dillon Adams
Diplomat ROY BULL
Donald Davis
Donald Harrison Los Angeles ca. Jennifer waters pennysyvania or Houston tx
Donald Jones
Donna Rose,
Donna kwok Mrs donna
Dough Fisher
Doughty, Denyse ddoughty@FCPS1.ORG
Douglas K. Morning
Douglas guthrie name use Dover Joes
Dr Abdulaziz Saleh Al-Jarbou
Dr James Lars
Dr Liu Tang
Dr Micheal Udo
Dr Zakhele Zwane
Dr micheal udo softlink finance
Dr, Felix Martins
Dr,Mike Koffi ,
Dr. Alexander Demenov []
Dr. Alexander Demenov
Dr. Andrew Goldberg
Dr. Deborah Miller & Mrs Susan Derrick
Dr. Francis Chen
Dr. Gregory David.
Dr. Henry Colé or.
Dr. Kathleen A. Fervan
Dr. Kevin Stark
Dr. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
Dr.Frank Martins
Dulce Lacayo
Dwight Earl Kennedy
Dwinde Lane,
Dwinde lane
E-mail address:
EDWARD Johnson
Eamon Carl
Eamon G. Cade
Eamon G. Calder
Eban Cadal
Eban G. Cadal
Eben Cadal
Eben Cadal
Eben Cadal
Eben G. Cadal
Eben G. Cadal
Edan G Garden
Edan G. Cade
Edan G. Cade
Edan G. Cade
Edan G. Cade
Edan G. Cade
Edan G. Carden
Edan G. Carden
Eddy Michael, Mrs. Rute Eze,
Edua Castro
Eduardo ventura
Edward Smiles
Edward bryant
Edwin Caden
Edwin Caden
Efren villa rosa madrigal
Egon G. Carden
Elaine Jackson,
Elder Clay
Elder G. Clay
Elder G. Clay
Elder G. Clay
Elder G. Clay
Eleanor Pacey Eleanor Pacey
Eleanor Pacey
Eleanor Pacey
Eliot Graham,
Eliza henderson
Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Coleman
Elizabeth Henderson
Elizabeth Johnson elizabethjohnson03
Elizabeth Murren
Elizabeth Norris
Elizabeth Simeon and Mark Aebig
Elizabeth and mark
Elke Arendt
Efren Madrigal Villarosa
Elsdon Cavan
Email name: Matt Crisell/ name: Patrick
Emily Smyth – GSI
Emma David
Eric Karson
Eric M.Anderson
Eric ebert
Eric ebert
Eric j craven
Eric raven
Erica May O Bermudez
Erin McCarthy
Erin McCarthy
Ethel Banzuela Samanca
Etherington Parton
Euddy Castro
Eva Hafftul
Eva Hatfall
Eva Hatfull
Eva Hatfull
Eva Hattfull
Eva Hattfull
Eva hattfull
Evans Green
Eve Martinz
Eve Martinz
Ewa Andersson
Express Mail Service
Express Mail Service
Exxon-Mobil Oil And Gas rarner@cogeco.caca
Ezegozie Eze, Jr.
FBI or
FS Officer
Fake, uses multiple ids.
Farlow, Veronica
Fay Jacobs
FedEx / First-Class Mail Postal Receipt First-Class Mail Service
Ferdinand Fernando Walter
First Name: Qiong Last Name: Lv
First-Class Mail Service
Foreign Payment Consultant Chris Walker
Francisco Gabriel Adriano
Frank David
Frank Ledger
Frank Mayfield,
Frank Prinosil
Frank Prinosil
Frank Scott, James Kofi, Osebo Michael
Frank Smith
Frank Taylor
Fred Anderson
Free lotto
Freelancers LTD
Frizer Net-Dev Practice ArianaCarpenter@smtp2.wiseequiva
Fudong Liu
G. Thompson
Garcia, Lorenzo
Garciniacambogiaformula cpnf#1152660 Customer Service
Garlic data online-germany
Gary Henderson
Gary griffith
Gavin Tyler
Gaze Mah, Steven B
Geb Data Conversion
Geoff Office Store 24
Geoff Officestore24
Geoff Young
Geoff young
George Bruce
George Carl, William Sonia
George Craige
George Harris
George Jefferson
George Stewart
Georgia Liles
Georgina Harris
Gerald Motor Finance Group
Gerald Thomas and John Olu Isaac
Gerald keiper
Gilbert Rogers
Gilbert Rogers
Gilbert Zen
Gilbert Zen
Gilbert Zen
Gilbert rodgers
Gilbert rogers
Gill Hughes
Gillian Bayford Charity Scheme,,helpdesk@mas
Gillian and Adrian Bayford
Gim Velcu
Gim Velcu
Gim Velcu
Gim Velcu
Gim Velcu, Antonio Pirel
Gim Velcu, Paul Trestovo
Gitte Sand Houe
Gius collet
Giuseppe Pezzuto
Glenn Marcus [] Glenn Marcus []
Glenn travers
Global Score Company (GSG),
Glynn Burger
Glynn Burger
Goeff Young
Goes by David Scarth or Wei Hongli
Gold Star Group Collection Centre,
Goldsborough, Brenda L
Grace Evans
Grace Manda
Graham beale
Graham white
Grant Collins
Grant Edward
Grant lenton
Greg Crisell Greg Crisell
Greg Crisell
Greg Crisell 1970
Greg Mosher
Greg crisell
Gregory Joseph
Gretta White,,
Guillermo usan
Guthrie douglas
Gwen Collins
HOward Mark Jordan,,
HR Department at
Hamilton Garner
Harley Wills
Harry Donna,
Harry Ferguson
Hashim Abdalla Hassan
Hauppauge IT Support Company
Hayden Walker
Heather Gleason personal assistant to Mrs. J. Bishop
Helen Carzola
Helen Eastwood Accountant@
Helen Eastwood
Helen Eastwood
Helen Eastwood
Helen Eastwood Accountant
Helen Eastwoord
Helen Messer
Helen eastwood
Helen eastwood
Helena Zamora Domingo
Helena eastwood
Helene astwood
Help the poor and needy. I am Mrs Chén Genji from Hong.
Helvis datford
Henner Gronert
Henningson Helena
Henry Edward
Henry Mark
Henry Reynolds
Henry Reynolds
Henry Tambo
Henry Walter
Henry Watson
Henry reynolds
Hertzberg, Jennifer I. []]
Hiden, Margaret H & Dr Murray Gray
Hilda Fernandez
Hilda Hernandez
Hill Foundation
Ho Chen Tung
Holly Meeker
Hon. Ms Mary Samuleh
Hon. William James
Hopkins, paul Paul.Hopkins@BossierSchools.Org
Howard Brown
Iam Enyonam
Ian Fraser & Geoffrey Gayle
Ian Mike
Ian Unsworth QC
Ignacio Gomez-Acebo
Immermann Franklin or immermann.franklin@engineer
Ira Gardener
Isaac Anson AKA James Handy
Ivri mitchell
J H Wilson
J Hill
J Richardson,
J. Frank
J. Larson
JAMES IKPAMA office.file_file@yahoo.comsg via
Jacek Majewski
Jackie Cassady
Jackson Hills
Jacky Kellogg
Jacob Collins
Jacob Cross &
Jacob hartley
Jacqueline Longworth
Jacqueline Longworth
Jacqui Barwick
Jacqui Fir
Jacqui firsail
Jake Preecs
James –
James Anderson
James Anderson
James Anderson2
James B
James Brandt
James Brierley
James Carter
James Daniel
James Dimon /
James Fernandez
James Fryer
James Gbenga
James George Stavridis
James Harry
James Karg
James Magret
James McMillan
James Meyer
James Noonan
James Page
James Rechard, Melissa Lee, Don Boi
James Tay,or
James Taylor
James Taylor
James Wayne
James Williams
James Wilson-chambers(uk)
James alex
James benton
James taylor
Jamila Abd-Al-Hamid
Jan Ruhe & Bill Ruhe,
Jane Abraham
Jane Hess
Jane Hess
Jane Mile
Jane Miles
Jane Rizzo
Jane Robbinson
Jane Robbinson
Janet Bell
Janet Lewis
Janet Mendez
Janet Miller,
Janet Richardson
Janet Rogers,,
Janet Ward
Janet mendez
Janie Brown
Janie Hebebrand…Mr.Robert Howard (lawyer)
Jaqui Fir
Jasmine Anthony, Jasmine Fashion Boutique
Jasmine Morgan
Jason Gibbons
Jason Gibbons
Jason Hill
Jason Hill
Jason Hill, HR Coordinator
Jason Hill/Grace Hiohtower
Jason Holts, Holtz
Jason Hooker
Jason Jackson
Jason Jackson (TWD BOC)
Jason Max
Jason Penderson
Jay John
Jay Kings
Jean Jones
Jean-Guy Poudrier
Jeanne Ferguson
Jedidiah boutique, Cadella Joel,
Jeff Blass
Jeff Blass, Ruth Davidson, George Stelwart
Jeff Hardin
Jeff Hibbs
Jeff blass/ruth davidson
Jeffery Dean Barr
Jeffrey Dunleavy,
Jeffrey Givens Esq or
Jeffrey, Ashley Kiley
Jene Thobela
Jenna Furrel
Jennifer Fields
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Shefield
Jennifer brown
Jenny Bishop Karen Singleton
Jenny Bishop
Jenny Bishop / Karen Singleton Karen Singleton
Jenny Bishop, Newton Blackwell & Associates, Maggy Smith, P.A. blackwellchamber@org
Jenny bishop
Jeremy Cole
Jeremy Stone
Jeremy spielman
Jeremy stone
Jeremy stone
Jerry Donovan
Jerry Goldstein
Jerry Hugo
Jerry Hugo
Jerry Peterson,
Jerry Tshabalala
Jerry Watts
Jerry Woods
Jesse and shaneselectronics@gmail.
Jessica Bianchi
Jessica Bradley
Jessica Bradley
Jessica Bradley AKA Staff Sgt. Jessica Bradley
Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis Jessica Davis
Jessica Larson
Jessica Larson
Jessica Larson
Jessica Thirkiel
Jessica Thirkield
Jessica Vessey
Jessica bradley
Jessica bradley
Jhali Moses
Jim ?
Jim Burch
Jim McCarter
Jo San Agustin
Joaquin Hancock
Joaquin Hancock Promotions Manager. andersonricks@sbcg
Job inquirer, Adria Soper – Fri. Jan.4, 2013, 2:19 PM via levendovszky.lanten.h
Jocelyn Page
Jochen Hudepohl
Joe Terry, Deg Store
Joe Thomas
Joel []
Johannes Hendrik
Johannes Hendrik
John Aw Aaron or
John Bathgate
John Bowell
John Collins
John Collins
John Costa
John D Clegg
John D. Clegg John D. Clegg/Central/qdot/au@qdot
John Ferry
John Goodman
John Goodman
John Goodman
John Goodman
John Goodman
John Goodman
John Goodman
John Graham
John K.
John Kokai
John Kumalo
John Mark
John Mayes
John Mcginnis
John Mr. Goodman
John Mr. Goodman
John Mr. Wilcox
John Nelson
John Roberson
John S. Langford
John S. Langford
John S. Langford
John S. Langford
John S. Langford Independent Director
John S. Langford, Independent Director
John S.Langford
John Smith,,
John Tofler
John Warwick, Patrick Nicholls and Barry Richies
John Wilcox
John Wisker
John Wisker, HR Coordinator
John graham
John kokai
John warwick
Johnson Brown
Jon Robinson
Jonas Wooten
Jonathan Brenda
Jonathan Brenda
Jonathan Brenda
Jonathan Coolok
Jonathan Evers
Jonathanbrenda07@gmail jonathanbrenda07@gmail
Jonathon Brenda
Jonathon Evers Management/Co-owner
Jones, Jean M. (
Jordan Jude
Jordana Jack
Jorden Evans, Jorden David
Jose Santos
Josep Puig Moya
Josep Puig Moya
Joseph Bryans
Joseph Caldwell
Joseph Demsy
Joseph Peters
Joseph William
Josh Mathews
Josh Matthews job@it-air-media
Josh Matthews
Josh Matthews
Joshua Daniel
Jude parker
Judith Gresham
Judith gresham
Judith pintor (
Judith pintor
Julia Kisen
Julie A. Tomlinson
Julie Acker
Julie Freeman
Julie Minasi
JulieA Tomlinson
Juliet Batter
Juliet Ritar
Juliet ritar/ Juliet RoseLoveth
Juliette Acker
Juliette Acker
Juliette Acker
Juliette Acker
Juliette Acker
Juliette Acker35
Juliette Aker
Juliette acker
Jullian Kamely
Jullian kamely
Juraj Kacir
Justin Johnson,
K. Foret
K. Simpson
Karen Hita-Rivera Karen Hita-Rivera@ocps,net
Karen James
Karen Powell
Karen Powell
Karen Powell
Karen Powell, Newton Blackwell
Karen Powers
Karen Santiago
Karen Simpson
Karen Simpson
Karen Singleton
Karim mohamed
Karina Nobaek
Karina Nobæk
Karina nobaek
Karla Alger
Kate graham
Kathy Barnes
Kathy Glenn
Katrine Price
Keim, William
Kelly Gibson, kellygibson111@hotmai
Kelly Ginz Kelly Ginz
Kelly Moser
Kelly Rogan
Kelly Roland
Kelvin Lawson
Kelvin Math
Ken Willis
Kenneth Duke
Kenneth Linville
Kenneth Winford Hise
Kenny Moore
Kenny Morgan []
Kent daniel
Kerry Rathbone
Kerry Simons
Kessler Cole
Kevin Barnett
Kevin Barnett
Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark
Kevin Stark
Kevin Stark
Kevin Woods
Kevin stark
Kevin stark
Kevin woods
Khali Moses
Kim Gambrell
Kim Lucas
Kim Lucas
Kim Stuart
Kim Tran
Kimberly Wilkins
Kolarov Jones
Kolarov Jones
Kolarov jones
Kristen Carson
Kristen Duke
Kulle byklov
Kurt Amelles,
Kurt Smith
Kylie Huitchinson
Kylie Hutchinson
Kylie huitchinson kylie
L Brown Will
LMG Products, trading as Officestore24
Ladd Smith
Lames T. Lane
Lappy Rock
Lara Johnson Lara Johnson,
Lara Johnson
Larry Crescenzo
Larry Douez
Larry Moore Larry Moore
Larry Moore
Larry Moore
Larry Moore
Larry Moore
Larry Moore
Larry Moore
Larry Wilson
Laura Damsel
Laura Matshaba
Laura Schofield (
Laurie Murphy
Lawrence Cirelli
Lawrence Hartley,
Leishah, Tomi, Solomon, Courtney
Leo Carson
Leonardo (or Leonard) Brown
Li (,
Li shuhuan
Lia paoline miller
Lieutenant andrew morris
Lillian Bishop
Lillian Bishop
Lillian Bishop, mark.burger@gmacrescap.
Lillian Bishop/ Christina McBride
Lillian bishop, missy smith or caroline smith
Lin Williams,
Linda Diamond,
Linda Jacobs Linda Jacobs
Linda Kurtz,
Linda Lews
Linda Nielsen, Jobpoint
Linda Preston
Linda Rose
Linda smith rugby lottery win
Lisa Bell
Lisa Benson
Lisa Davies
Lisa Davies,
Lisa Davis
Lisa Davis
Lisa Davis
Lisa Davis
Lisa Davis
Lisa Davis
Lisa Davis/Lead IT Experts LLC
Lisa Donofrio
Lisa Giroud
Lisa Green
Lisa James
Lisa James
Lisa James
Lisa Jones
Lisa Lamb Lisa Lamb
Lisa Lamb
Lisa Lamb –
Lisa Lamb – Oceanographer
Lisa Patrick
Lisa Patrick or Denis Macus or
Lisa Persie
Lisa Phillips
Lisa Phillips
Lisa Phillips
Lisa Phillips, Recruitment Manager
Lisa Riedgerr
Lisa Riediger
Lisa Riediger
Lisa Riediger
Lisa Riediger
Lisa Riediger,
Lisa Riedigerr
Lisa Seldon
Lisa Smith
Lisa Thomson
Lisa Tomphson
Lisa Wague
Lisa Wallcott
Lisa clara
Lisa lamb
Lisa patrick lisa
Lisa riediger
Lisa riediger
Lisa smith
Lisa smith
Lizzie and Bob Weldon
Lizzie and Robert Weldon
Logan Davidson
Logistics UPS
Logistics UPS
Logistics UPS
Lon Eichenberger
Longworth, Jacqueline
Loraine Goggia
Lorene Green
Lori Spendl
Lori Spendl : Lori Spendl
Lori Spendl
Louis Lambert
Louis Lambert
Loveth Wortley
Loveth wortley Loveth wortley
Lucas Hunt
Luciana Campos
Luigi Marcos
Luis Clarkson,
Luis Huffman
Lundberg, Inger (
Lynda James
Lynn Alloway
M Madam Susan Cole
M Malone and Bill Malone using
M Mr.Brian T.Moynihan
M. Bell/Cynthia Thomas/William Peterson
M. Bowen via gator371.hostgator
M. Maile
MAriam Wilson
MHAFB Staff Sgt. Carla Owens
MR. Thompson Collins
MS Lisa
MS Lisa
MS Lisa
MS Lisa Bells
MS Lisa Davise
MS. V. Turner
Mac/Mark Baker
Mack Willams (he can’t spell his name right)
Mackarena cisterna plaza
Maes, Debra
Maicon Beaverson
Mail Service
Major General Al-Tayeb Mosbah
Malik ali
Malvin Knight and Audrey Gill
Malvin Pedersen aka Richard Marius Tendar
Manager Anthony Haley
Manager Anthony Haley
Manager Anthony Haley
Manager Anthony Haley
Manager Anthony Haley
Manager Anthony Haley (
Manager Anthony Haley (
Manager Anthony Haley service@postalsevice
Manager Eric Lynch
Manager Lucas Woods
Manager Lucas Woods
Manager Suraj Golden
Manager eric logan
Mansour Edalatkhah
Mar Sarno
Marcia Bertelli sent it
Marcos luigi
Marcos lungi
Marcus Mcfadden
Margaret Crawford
Margaret Crawford
Margaret Lawson, Laura Vogel, Mark Lawson,,
Margarita yakov/susan pattinson
Maria Cindy
Maria Colon
Maria Glasson
Maria Munoz
Maria Munoz, Mrs. Margaret Crawford & Attorney, Mark Lawson,
Maria Roy
Maria Scott
Maria Williams
Maria cindy
Mariam Bryan
Mariam Bryan
Mariam Wilson with lawyer william parker Mrs. Mariam Wilson
Marie Califf
Marie Califf-Lindstrom
Marie Califf-Lindström (borrowed name for sure)
Marie Gardner
Marie Sarno
Marilyn Huffman
Marisa Hoffman
Marisette Hasan
Marissa Patterson
Mark Anthony McCauley
Mark Burger mark.howard2@rogers.comhttp://us.mc1810.mail.yaho
Mark Dowell
Mark Dowell
Mark Dowell SCAM Mark Dowell SCAM
Mark Henry
Mark Howard
Mark Howard
Mark Howard
Mark Howard
Mark Lawson
Mark Lawson
Mark Lawson
Mark Lawson
Mark Lawson , Longworth, Jacqueline
Mark Lawson,
Mark Lawson/ Mark Chambers, Louis Korf
Mark Maile
Mark Maile
Mark Morgan
Mark Peters
Mark Roland
Mark Roland
Mark Roland
Mark Smith service@intl.paypal
Mark Tardiff
Mark Tross
Mark Tross
Mark akinson
Mark burger/mark howard
Mark howard
Mark howard/mrs lillian bishop
Mark lawson
Mark maile mr
Mark roland
Mark smith
Marla R Brown
Marlene Bishop
Marlene Bishop
Marshal pesta
Marshall Felker
Martha Hamilton,
Martin Bruce [] Martin Bruce []
Martin Houston
Martin Lauren
Martin Racing
Martin Robert
Martin, Lurline L
Martin, Lurline L.,
Martina George
Martins Banda,
Marty Johnson
Marty Kingston,
Marvin James
Mary B. Brown
Mary Bell
Mary Brown Brown, Mary []
Mary Dupe
Mary Eddymore
Mary Jenkins/Miss M. Jenkins
Mary K Ebener
Mary eddy more
Mathew Crisell
Mathew Crisell (Patrick)
Mathias Keifer
Matt Jackson
Matt Jackson
Matt Jackson. Joshua Kharazi
Matt Peters
Matt Peters
Matt Peters
Matt Peters
Matt peters
Matthew Bird
Matthew Cutriss
Matthew Cutriss / James McCoy
Matthew Higgins
Matthew Jason Cutriss
Matthew Ryan
Matthew josh
Matthew lunn [] matthew lunn []
Mayson Peter
Mayson Peter
McCauley Anthony
Mednik, Lisa C
Megan Bondi
Melanie Blink
Melanie Colter
Melia Foote
Melinda Stokes
Melissa Malone
Mellisa J. Beck
Mello Blant
Melonie Young
Meo Elloker
Mette B Skjødt
Meyer Annie
Mia Hansen
Mia Hansen
Mia Hansen,
Mia Hansen
Mia hansen
Michael Adair/ Allen and Violet Large
Michael Bradley
Michael Bradley
Michael Clements
Michael Eskesen
Michael Harrison
Michael Huston
Michael Kombs
Michael Kosak
Michael M Schafran
Michael Orley
Michael Orley
Michael Pee
Michael Sandler
Michael Sayers
Michael Seay
Michael Silverberg
Michael and violet johnson
Michael frey
Michael orley
Micheal Russel Markins Wallenhorsta
Michele Brown
Michelle A. Brown & Newton Blackwell
Michelle Barry
Michelle Owens(previously Rachel Denter, Cindy Owens)
Microsoft Corporation Sweepstakes Promotion
Mike Bleach
Mike Bowen and Jason Penderson
Mike Cordova
Mike Cordova / Taylor
Mike Lampard
Mike O’ Connor
Mike Preston
Mike Preston
Mike Preston
Mike Preston,
Mike Preston
Mike Preston/Tomaz Nowak
Mike Walter
Mike blunt
Mikeal Bright
Minic Faustin
Miriam Cole
Miriam Wilson, williamparker7@roger
Miss B. Bailey Miss B. Bailey via gator1396
Miss Bells
Miss Bethany
Miss Chloe Lamb
Miss Chloe Lamb
Miss Danielle
Miss Danielle
Miss Danielle
Miss Davies HR department
Miss Davis
Miss Davis
Miss Dean
Miss G. Thompson via gator82
Miss J Dean
Miss J. Staples
Miss J.Staples
Miss James
Miss K. Price
Miss Karen S.
Miss Katrine Price Recruitment Adviser
Miss Larson
Miss Lisa
Miss Lisa Bells
Miss Lisa Davis
Miss Lisa James
Miss Lori Spendl
Miss Moran
Miss Moran
Miss Price
Miss S. Franklin
Miss S. Moran
Miss Sandra Moran and Michael Paige
Miss Smith
Miss Spendl via
Miss Tomphson
Miss V Collins
Miss V Stempelton
Miss angela williamson
Miss fox
Miss james
Miss. Marie Avis,
Missy Smith – PA Smith, Missy – PA
Mmm mmm via
Mobile Lottery
Mobile Lottery
Mohamed Marwan
Mohammed Falaknaz
Mohd Asrulnizam Bin Harun
Money 4 Refer ,
Monica Wesley
Monica Wesley
Morgan Bill
Morgan moore
Mr & Mrs. Large
Mr Allen Large
Mr Anderson Rick or Joaquin Hancock
Mr Barker
Mr Barnett
Mr Crushy
Mr D Lister
Mr D Pearson
Mr David Miller
Mr Donovan
Mr Donovan
Mr Edwin Martez
Mr Goodman
Mr Goodmin
Mr Hamilton
Mr Hamilton
Mr Harry Bower
Mr Hill
Mr J Hill
Mr J Matthews
Mr J. Matthews
Mr Jason Hill
Mr Jason Hill
Mr Javier Cartney
Mr John Goodman outsource,
Mr John Wilcox
Mr M both
Mr Mark Berg
Mr Martin Alta
Mr Martin Alta
Mr Norman Chan
Mr Pedro Quezada
Mr Pedro Quezada
Mr Peter Mayson
Mr Reynolds
Mr Reynolds Recruitment Manager
Mr Robert Cross (HR Manager)
Mr Robert Howard,
Mr Rosa
Mr S. Connell
Mr S.G. Gale
Mr Wallace
Mr Williams Ford
Mr Williams and Mrs Smith
Mr Wood (No initial)
Mr crusty
Mr jason Hill
Mr kumar Vijay
Mr parrety
Mr sinne cesar
Mr. ALan Peters
Mr. Abdel Kazim via
Mr. Adamson Johnson
Mr. Allen Large
Mr. Allen Large
Mr. Andre Kelly
Mr. Andre Kelly. )
Mr. Barker
Mr. Benjamin Hassan
Mr. Bleach
Mr. Bongani Thomas
Mr. Brown C. Martin/ John Basil
Mr. C, Wallace
Mr. Crushy
Mr. D. Pearson
Mr. Dan Lee
Mr. Edwin Gabriel
Mr. Eric Acis
Mr. Gibbons Mr. Gibbons []
Mr. Henry Tambo
Mr. Henry Tambo
Mr. Henry Tambo
Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde
Mr. J Gibbons
Mr. J. Taylor
Mr. J. Taylor
Mr. James Taylor
Mr. John Kumalo
Mr. John Philip reply to:
Mr. Jonah O. Otunla (Faked)
Mr. Juan De La Silva
Mr. Kenny Ford
Mr. Lee
Mr. M. Both
Mr. Martin Alta superrugby2013@writem
Mr. Martin Alta & Mrs. Tasha Lawrence
Mr. Michael Harrison
Mr. Michael Knauf
Mr. Mike Jenifer
Mr. Mohale
Mr. Mohale
Mr. Neil Hitchens
Mr. Oliver Mallich,
Mr. Osborn Gilbert
Mr. Osborn Gilbert. Email:
Mr. Parrett
Mr. Pearson HR Manager Mr.Pearson
Mr. Perry Graham
Mr. Perry Thompson
Mr. Peter Bill
Mr. Peter Mayson
Mr. Phillip Johnson (lawyer)
Mr. Phillips B. Herman
Mr. Piero Canova
Mr. Richard Wood
Mr. Robert Johnson
Mr. Robert Johnson (Claims Manager) Adrienne Larkin,
Mr. Robert Mueller
Mr. Samuel Sarpong
Mr. Seann
Mr. Simon Smith
Mr. Siphiwe Parker,
Mr. Thomas Kofi and Adriana Taylor Adriana Taylor,Mr.
Mr. W S H Laidlaw (Faked??),
Mr. William Gibson
Mr. Williams Larry,
Mr. Wood
Mr. Zhang Yong
Mr. and Mrs. Large m.williams?
Mr.Brian C.Hartze
Mr.David Mark
Mr.Dean Markley
Mr.Dennis Adams
Mr.John Kumalo
Mr.Kenneth Aka
Mr.M Clayton
Mr.Michael Knauf (if that’s his real name)
Mr.Peter Henry (May be Faked), Mr.Brown Joe ,
Mr.Phillip Benson
Mr.Tom Chan
Mrs Allana Williams
Mrs Anna Johnson,
Mrs Betty Richmond
Mrs Christina Lewis
Mrs Christina Lewis / mr. Phillip Johnson
Mrs Favienne Kone
Mrs Helen Eastwood
Mrs Helen Eastwood
Mrs Jenny Bishop (
Mrs Joyce Walton
Mrs Katherine Rothmans, mr. Phillips B. Herman, mrs. Ethel Rudolf
Mrs Lillian Bishop
Mrs Linda Smith, Contact Person: Mr.Thabo Dlamini
Mrs Mariam Wilson
Mrs Maureen Frank
Mrs Rad Minas
Mrs Rose Grover
Mrs Thelma Harvey thelma.harvey2342@yahoo
Mrs margaret crawford
Mrs ruth davdson
Mrs. Amanda Interview Manger Mrs. Campell Dakota
Mrs. Amanda Van Niekerk
Mrs. Amanda Van Niekerk
Mrs. Amanda Van Niekerk
Mrs. Amanda Van Niekerk,
Mrs. Betty Richmond
Mrs. Carol Woods
Mrs. Chow Genji
Mrs. Christina Lewis
Mrs. Christina Lewis
Mrs. Christina Lewis
Mrs. Christina Lewis, Attorney Phillip Johnson
Mrs. Christina Lewis/ Davenport.Cynthia
Mrs. Cynthia Thomas
Mrs. Cynthia Thomas
Mrs. Cynthia Thomas
Mrs. Cynthia Thomas
Mrs. Cynthia Thomas
Mrs. Cynthia Thomas Strischek.Dev
Mrs. Cynthia Thomas and Mr. William Peterson, , jblock@underarmour
Mrs. Diana Richey
Mrs. Diana Richey
Mrs. Diana Richie
Mrs. Elena Chen
Mrs. Elizabeth Harrison
Mrs. Elizabeth Harrison.
Mrs. Grace Roberts
Mrs. Helen Eastwood
Mrs. Helen Eastwood
Mrs. Inga-Britt Ahlenius
Mrs. Janet Bolten,Stephen Gates, Jeff Blass
Mrs. Janet Brown & Attorney Paul Gate
Mrs. Jenny Bishop
Mrs. Jenny Bishop
Mrs. Joy Moore. & Mr. John Kumalo
Mrs. Joy Steven focus-staff@focuswet
Mrs. Karen Borsvold
Mrs. Katty Williams
Mrs. L. Bishop
Mrs. L. Bishop
Mrs. Lillian Bishop,
Mrs. Lillian Bishop
Mrs. Lillian bishop
Mrs. Linda Philip
Mrs. Margaret Crawford
Mrs. Margaret Crawford
Mrs. Margot
Mrs. Mariam Wilson
Mrs. Mariette Benjamin
Mrs. Mary Moore The Director Promotions
Mrs. Rachael Carr,
Mrs. Rachael Carr.
Mrs. Rachel Williams
Mrs. Rachel Williams & Lawyer Mr. Robert Howard
Mrs. Rosemary Samson
Mrs. Sahu Arafat
Mrs. Sandra Thomas
Mrs. Sarah Gander
Mrs. Sarah Olivera Mrs. Sarah Olivera []
Mrs. Sharon Clara Jones
Mrs. Sonia William.
Mrs. Sophia Crawford
Mrs. Sophia Crawford – Ryan Urgo, PA
Mrs. Susan Derrick
Mrs. White Kathleen,
Mrs. christina lewis
Mrs.Helen Eastwood
Mrs.Helen Eastwood
Mrs.Linda Rose
Mrs.Mariam Wilson Mrs. Mariam Wilson
Mrs.Ruth Davidson Jeff,
Mrs.Sarah peter.,
Mrs.Tina Harris
Mrs.Zaina Ali Fayadh Email:
Ms Diane Jenkins
Ms Diane Jenkins
Ms Elizabeth Henderson via gator83.hostga
Ms Lisa Smith HR Manager
Ms Mar Jordan
Ms. Consuelo Tonato
Ms. M. Jenkins
Ms. Mary Jenkins jenkins@albion-groupu…
Ms. Yang Ming and Alizah Mohamed
Murnis Kepp
My Kevin Clarke
My Will
Allen Ole Søndergaar?d (
Myster shopper
NACHA The Electronic Payments Association
NASER Mohamed
NEWTON BLACKWELL newton.chambers@roger
Nadia Coker
Nadia Moretto
Nadia Moretto
Nadia Moretto
Nance Melhorn
Nancy Melhorn
Nancy Melhorn
Nancy Taylor
Nancy Taylor
Naomie George,
Natalia Maximova/Climonova
Natalie Bryce
Natalie Smith
Natasha Davis
Natasha Davis
Natasha Rivers
Natasha.Davis, Attorney Newton Blackwell
Nathan Wilson
Nathaniel Andrea Polzin
Nebojsa Vukicevic
Nedige Yakoba Kones
Neil Nixon
Neil Parker
Nelson Brown
Nelson Conroy
Nevis Feldman
Newton Blackwell
Newton Blackwell
Newton Blackwell
Newton Blackwell
Newton Blackwell
Newton Blackwell
Newton Blackwell and Associates
Newton Blackwell, Attorney at Law newtonblackwell@rogers
Newton Blackwell, Jenny Bishop
Newton Blackwell/ Mrs. Jenny Bishop
Newton Blackwell/ Thomas Hurley
Newton blackwell
Newton chambers
Nicholas Lomax
Nicholas Mark
Nicholas William
Nicholas William Sales
Nicole Bird
Nicole Ratzlaff
Nicole Wibstad
Nicole wibstad
Nien-Sheng Lin
Nikol Okhotskiy
Nivram 47
Norman peterson
Norris, Erika or
Not sure
Notification Contact
Novotny Kelly
Nygard Denise
Office 182 Office 182
Office Store 24
Office Store 24 – Geoff, Sophie & Tracy
Office/Sales/ Any Job Just Need Work ASAP
Orange CAF Africa cup of Nations
Orson Aguilar ,
Owen Lucas
P. Mayson,P. Mayson [pete.may
P. Mayson
Pamela Dingle
Pamela R. Hughes
Pamela Turner
Pamella Scots
Pamella Scotts
Pappy Colly
Pariso, Deborah
Pastor Donavan
Pastor Mark Rangers
Patricia Smith White,
Patricia Square
Patrick Crisell
Patrick Crisell
Patrick Crissell
Patrick Doe
Patrick Don
Patrick Drox
Patrick Nicholls
Patrick Nicholls
Patrick Nicholls
Patrick Nicholls patrick nicholls
Patrick Nichols
Patrick O nava
Patrick Richard
Patrick crisell
Patrick michael James
Patrick nicholls
Patti Cazier
Patti H. Brown via
Patti h brown
Paul Boone
Paul Brown
Paul Crisell
Paul Datford
Paul Datford
Paul Gate
Paul Hopkins
Paul Jason
Paul Kim
Paul L hopkins
Paul Moore
Paul Sherwood Mr Paul Sherwood (
Paul Smith
Paul Trestovo
Paul Trestovo
Paul Trestovo – Gim Vecu
Paul Vatman
Paul Watts
Paul atford w
Paul jason
Paul oliver
Paul trestovo
Paul.Hopkins@BossierSchools.Org Paul.Hopkins@BossierSchools.Org
Paula Tetstone
Paull Boone
Paull Boone
Paull Boone, paull boone coleraw5@
Pearl Jackson Pearl Jackson []
Peggy Appel
Peggy Brock Peggy Brock []
Peggy Brock
Pelicia Carn
Pelicia carn Gehaijio.11@xnms
Pepperdine University
Perry Kerry
Pete Anderson
Peter Chandler
Peter Chandler, Personal Assistance
Peter Glendover
Peter Howard,
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson
Peter Morgan
Peters Bryant
Petros Thobela
Phil Stone / Margaret Crawford / Mark Lawson
Philip Eckhardt
Philip T
Philip T.
Philip Walace
Philip bertram…or…
Phillip Bertram or
Phillip Johnson
Phillip Rice
Phillip Robertson or Crossland Hutton
Phillip Robertson or Sean Madden
Pierre Ka Ling
Postal Office 507
Postal Service Postal Service
Priority Mail Postal Service support.PPV@lexingt
Priority Mail Service
Priority Shipping Service
Promotion Manager Mr. Henry Tambo
Qiong Lv, xiamen.cheapiphone
R wood R.Wood
R. Wood
RGUK Claims Center
Rachael Carr
Rachel Denter
Rachel Storer
Rajubhai Darji
Ralph wilson
Randy Sigley,
Ranell Williams
Ray Collins,
Rayetta K Johnson
Raymond Abel To Raymond Byng
Raymond crudz
Re dvolhp?
Rebecca Mac
Rebecca Maze
Rebecca Parry
Rebecca dixon
Rebekah thomas
Rene Steinhausen Attorney Mark Lawson
Rev. Allan Large
Rev. Frank McGovern / revfrank@iedproorg
Reverend Attmash Josan
Rhoda Mantell
Rhoda Mantell
Richard Daniels
Richard Gallacher
Richard Graham, Richard Aaron
Richard Johnson
Richard Klein
Richard Lewis Mr. Mayson Peter []
Richard Marrino
Richard Morris
Richard P Thompson & richardthompsonuk@msn.c
Richard Pearson
Richard Staat,
Richard Wood
Richard Wood
Richard Wood
Richard Wood
Richard Wood
Richard Wood (
Rick Alexander
Rick Alexander or Andrewsteve03
Rick Johnston Rick Johnston
Rick Matthew
Rita Lehman, Allen Large
Rita Lehman, Violet & Allen Large,,,
Robert & Lizzie Weldon
Robert Cole
Robert Crandal
Robert Cross
Robert Cross
Robert Frank
Robert Hallins
Robert Lutrick
Robert Michalk, Samson Fringan
Robert Powers
Robert Turner
Robert Turner
Robert Werner
Robert Willis
Robert craig
Robert gusler
Robert l. hawley
Robin Map
Robyn Murphy
Robyn murphy
Roche []
Rodney Williams
Rodrick Stan
Rodrick Wuouth
Rodrigo Uria Gonzalez
Roger Fradin
Roger Regner
Roger fradin
Roland n. powell powellnelson96@livecom
Rollin Looper
Ronald Davies
Ronald Pierre, Ms. Cristina Parceog
Ronald Walker
Roose James
Rosanna Coker
Rose Cole
Rose South
Rose Tyler
Rose Tyler, Tracy Chester
Rose Tyler/Terry Dunn
Rose Williams
Roxanne Manteit
Roy Brown
Roy Brown
Roy Brown, R. Brown
Roy Norris
Royal City, Accra, Ghana, JOHN KWASI
Royal Paul
Ruby Sanchez,
Ruth Davidsom
Ruth Davidson
Ruth T. Wilson
Ruth t Wilson
Ryan Urgo, Mrs. Crawford, Mark Roland
Ryan Groves
Ryan Hendrickse
Ryan Robert
Ryan hendrickse
Ryan hendrickse ryan
Ryan hendrickse
S b
SSgt Grace Mason
Safia Hassan
Sam S
Sammi Messi info.devonshireparkltc@yahoo.
Samue Tyler
Samuel Surrey Adams
Sandra Crisell
Sandra Crisell / David patrick
Sandra Moran Sandra Moran via p3nlhg620.shr
Sandra Moran
Sandra Moran,
Sandra Moran
Sandra Moran
Sandra Moran
Sandra Moran and Michael Paige
Sandra Thomas/Lee Moore
Sanit Jendy or Charles
Sanjay Archana
Sara Winters
Sara james
Sara martins
Sarah (aka)
Sarah Akinson
Sarah N Sean
Sarah Storm
Sarah White (Miss) Assistant Investigation Officer,
Sarah Woody
Sarah campbell
Scott Clarkson
Scott Engen
Scott Luther
Scott Mills
Scott Parker
Scott Wilson
Sebastian Q. Weetabix
Serena Wilcox
Sergeant nurse Celia Young Celia Young
Sergeant nurse Denise Donald
Seth Grant
Sgt. David Lee Rogers
Shane or Jesse at shane’ shanes’
Shannon Alexander
Sharon Blinkhorn
Sharon Borders
Sharon Borders sharon.borders@BossierSchools.Org
Sharon Collins
Sharon Miller
Sharon simpson
Sharp Thomas – Hopkinton
Shaun Bailey
Shaw, Ricky Shaw, Ricky
Sheila Fiske
Sherry Thomason
Sherry moellenkamp
Shevette M. Jackson/Andrew Goldstein ??
Shipping Service
Shipping Service
Shirley Jones
Shirley Truman
Silvio Aumann
Simon Gibbins
Simon Gibbins
Simon Smith
Simon Smith/ Mrs. Betty Richmond
Simon gibbins
Simon smith
Simon smith
Sir David Johnson
Sir Phil McJenkenson
Smarr, Melissa
Smarr, Melissa
Smith Leonard
Smith Paul
Soban alamzeb
Sobin, AnneMarie /
Sobine annie marie mark
Sofia Daniel,
Sofia Nisha
Robert muller
Sonia Jassen
Sonya miller
Sophie & Chad Evans Sophie Evans
Sophie, Geoff And Tracy
Sorrells, Marilyn
Spendl L. Recruitment Manager
SphereINV (Administration)
Ssgt. Evelyn Morley
Stacey Brooks,
Stacey Harris
Stacey Harris
Stacy Harris
Stacy adams
Stacy wesley
Staff Sgt Andrew Lester
Staff Sgt. Andrew Lester ssgt_andrewlester@r
Staff Sgt. David Lee
Staff Sgt. Stephanie Allen
Staff Sgt.David Lee
Staff sgt David Lee
Staff sgt. Jessica Bradley
Stan Thomas
Starla Johnson
Stefan Ionut Traistaru
Stephan Evans
Stephanie Allen Stephanie Allen Stephanie.Allen@BossierSchools.Or
Stephen Mackenzie/Zhaoyue Zhang
Stephen mackenzie
Steve Conley
Steve Padilla
Steve Patrick
Steve dawson
StevePaul Brenda
Stevelorim or morrismike1982
Steven stevenlouise510@gmailcom
Steven Barker
Steven Barker
Steven Barker / Grace Woodford
Steven Connell
Steven Courtright (ola re) David Pearson
Steven John Greenhill
Steven Leavitt
Steven Lewry
Steven Medina
Steven Mile
Steven barker
Steven greenhill
Steven greenhill
Stracey Harris straceyharris72@gmail .com
Stracey harris
Susan Brown
Susan Derrick
Susan Ford
Susan Franklin
Susan Pearson, Mark Lawson ,
Susan Peteuski
Susan Reeves
Susan Rogers
Susan Ronald,,
Susan Shors
Susan Welton (or Donna)
Susan walton
Susanj.alexander (fake yahoo messanger ID)
Sushil mittal & edie miller
Suzane Owens
Sydney Brons
Sylvia Agee Agee, Sylvia (
Talbert, John
Tamara Walter
Tamari, Marisa (NIH/NIMH),
Tammy tammywclark@hotmail.comca
Tanti Dako / Sensev Maddox
Tanya Christina
Tanya Escrakov
Tara Bartoney
Tara.Decker Tara.Decker@BossierSchools.Org
Tarver, Vincent
Teresa L. Gosnell
Terry Crumpler
Terry Johnson
Terry Quest Johnson
Terry Son
Terry Stevens
Terry Williams
Text and Context Symposium
Thabo dlamini
Theatre network
Thelma Lerk
Themba Madi
Theresa Campbell
Thi Kim
Thi Kim Hoang
Thi Kim Hoang Trah
Thi Kim hoang K Thi
Thomas Bill
Thomas Cook
Thomas Marksim Chambers
Thomas McCoy
Thomas Morris
Thomas R. Carlson
Thomas Toner
Thompsom collins
Thordarson, Gudmundur
Tim Cahill
Tim Johnson
Tim Nara, richard.daniels.undp@hotmail
Tim Nauman &
Timothy White
Tina Harris
Tina harris
Tina hughes or Kyle Thomas
Tobias Stegk
Toby Johnson
Toby Johnson
Todd Holl
Todd Holland
Todd Joel
Todd Kachinski Kottmeier
Toletraci allenviolet large
Tom Chan
Tom Chan
Tom Chan
Tom Chan
Tom Chan
Tom Chan (undoubtedly fake)
Tom Hernandez Captain USMC
Tom Woodruff
Tomasz 122
Tomlinson, Julie A, julie.tomlinson@abbott
Tony Briggs
Tony Littleton
Tony Montana
Too many consultants, cannot remember a name support@virtualpcsecure
Tracey Coey
Tracey Smith, PA
Traci Lee
Tracy Mason,
Tracy chester
Tran Thi
Tran Thi Kim Hoang
Tran Thi Kim Hoang
Tran Thi Kim Hoang/ JIN FENG
Tran thi kim hoang
Travis Alexander Barfield
Tricia Allen
Troy Anderson (?)
Tyler Gavin
Tyler He
Tyler J Ayers
Tyler Stewart,
U.S. Department of the Treasury (
UKit services ltd
UPS Mail
UPS Receipt
UPS Receipt
UPS office Tracking ID8
USAF Senior Airman Jennifer Bradshaw
Unique Jones or Mrs. Dee
V Calin
V Tsompanidis
V. Stempelton
V. Stempelton
V. Stempelton
Valerie Large
Vanessa Murphy
Vasilis Tsompanidis
Vaughan Borden
Vera Rawlins
Victor Angel
Victor Angel / VIC.DANGEL1@yahoo
Victoria Matuk
Vina long
Vincent Roy Williams Junior
Vincent Tarver
Violet Large
Violet Large
Violet Large
Violet Large
Violet Large
Violet Large
Violet Large, Allen Large, Charles F. Tallent
Violet and Allen Large
Violet and Allen Large
Violet and Allen Large,
Violet and Allen Large
Violet and Allen Large
Violet and Allen Large
Violet and Allen Large
Violet and Allen large
Violet and I Allen Large
Violette Taylor ,
Vivian Peston
Vivian Rowland
Vivian Wague
Vogel Laura
Vogel Laura
Voilet Allen
Voorhis, Jessica A / allen large
W Johnson
Wagner Antonova
Walter Ferdinand
Wanda Gonzalez
Wayne Dickson,
Wayne Khoza
Ethan Roth
Ethan Roth, Charles Gilmore
Wen Bao Guo
Wen Shuai
Wendy Davies
Wendy Elmore
Wenthy Adams
Western Union Office
White Wedding Agency
Whitman Duvel
Wictoria Matuk and Anthony Kofi
Wiliiam Parker/Mariam Wilson
William Clark
William F Hanrahan
William F. Hanrahan, Beth Tanzosh
William Gibson
William Keim
William Murray
William Parker
William Parker
William Peterson
William Peterson
William Peterson
William Peterson
William Peterson
William Peterson, posing as Attorney
William Preston Rogers
William gibson chamber
William gibson chambers
William gibson chambers
William perterson
Williamgibsonchambers@rogers. com
Williams, Ranell, newtonchambers2@roger
Willis Jackson
Wilson James
Wilson James Chambers
Wilson, James/ Marry Eddymore
Woa Tang
Wong Anderson
Work inc
Works FBI Robert S Mueller III
Worldwide Express Mail Service
Xena Modrich
Yali Yang bennieshao09@99.comes
Yin Huajing,
Yogendra singh
Yvonne Wague
Zillah Osei
James Taylor
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  1. fraudster, con artist, sociopathic liar, he changes job titles and residences at the drop of a hat, good luck ever seeing a paycheck as the impressive titles he's claimed to possess and the life he seems to lead are 1000s of miles apart, he seems to tell different people different stories and the life they believe that he leads is based upon the stories of which there are many, he's a huge story teller as if he wants you to believe that he's James Bond or a secret agent, he's a sociopathic liar, he's charming, funny, and can disarm you with his relatively soft-spoken, boy next door exterior which may come across as innocent, he's a devil in sheep's clothing. he also supposedly has some impressive contacts whose names may throw you, but I have no idea what they've ever done for him or what he's ever done for them. perhaps he's good at telling them stories too. this theme has been confirmed by people who formerly attempted to associate with him in business, friendship and relationships. the image he painted for some people to believe is a life other people knew nothing about including his own family and supposed friends. one of his best friends claimed that he'd never seen his house or apt or even met his family. there are contradictory stories regarding his family. he may blame them if confronted with the farce of his life, but others know his family to be very cordial, warm and kind, while others know them to be a couple comrpised of an alcoholic and a con artist. if it's true, this would certainly explain why the by-product turned out to be a sociopathic liar who shows no emotion, remorse or conscience in regard to his sins. you could feel sorry for him if you keep your distance or get close and think maybve there's someone decent underneath it all to be salvaged and he will drag you down with his never-ending lies. if you want to remain sane, everyone I've spoken to about him suggests that you keep your distance. his own family thinks of him as the black sheep which is pretty ironic, because from what I've heard of them they're all image, only nice on the surface, but they're the ones who created this monster.

  2. Rebecca attempted to scam us on craigslist with a vehicle listing of a nissan altima and suggested Amazons buyer protection plan would be a good way to pay and do the deal. All lies. Amazon doesn't sell or help sell automobiles much less store vehicles for delivery. This person has been steeling money from others I can see online. If you see anything from them report to authorities please.

  3. is a fraud account!!! He attempted to purchase a Craigslisting from me and after receiving his "certified check" I took it straight to Chase and they deemed it fraudulent. If anyone encounters this address to purchase anything via private sale etc, avoid and report!


  4. Seems like a scam!


    1 of 16

    Why this ad?
    USC – Become a Social Worker – Make 2014 a Year for Change. Earn Your Master of Social Work Online from USC.
    Re.Human Resources Assistant Position
    Rosie Garcia

    11:11 AM (3 minutes ago)

    to bcc: me

    Dear Applicant,

    Our recruitment team received your resume and we are pleased with your qualifications.
    We have forwarded your details to the Head of Operation Manager (Mr Jason Walther ) and would like to conduct an online interview with you to discuss your duties and pay scale with our company.If you are interested in this offer, and wish to know more about the position and company set up a screen name with the yahoo instant messenger ( ) and add up his screen name listed below……then You are to report online for the interview . Contact Mr Jason via the email below to let him know if the time frame works for you. Screen name with yahoo instant messenger:( managerhiring60 ) email address: I Wish you the best of Luck on the Interview. If you have any problem, Please feel free to email back .

    HR Dept

    Click here to Reply or Forward

    USC – Become a Social Worker
    Make 2014 a Year for Change. Earn Your Master of Social Work Online from USC.
    Why this ad?Ads –
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    Last account activity: 32 minutes ago

    Rosie Garcia
    Show details
    Become a Social Worker
    Make 2014 a Year for Change. Earn Your Master of Social Work Online from USC.
    Medical Billing Coding
    Free Course Information. Study Medical Billing & Coding

  5. i receive this guys please advise

    Hello applicant,

    your application with EuroTech Inc was approved and
    we are sending you Employment Contract of Online Client support work
    at your residence with this email,

    kindly read and fill up the "Employment Contract" (download link at the bottom on Word file)
    and after signing this contract send us back by Scan email in maximum 2 working days,

    only to email:

    After receiving this contract we will take start to send you the work on Weekly basis,

    you will be EuroTech Inc's Part Time Permanent Employee for 6 months and after this period
    you can extend agreement for more 6months


    all you have to type our data and Clients data on sheets,

    (Note: complete work tutorial you will get with your first paid project after submission
    of contract)

    following documents issued by hear office for your employment, kindly
    right click on following links and Save on your PC,

    Click below to download your Employment Confirmation letter:

    Click below to download your Employee Card:

    Click below to download your Employment Contract to Sign:

    if click doest not work above then copy and paste above links
    in your browser,

    also you will get your salary every after 6days,


    hope to hear from you soon,

    Eamon G. Caden

    EuroTech Thermics Inc

    Am Hahnweg 127 st,
    01374 Dresden Germany

  6. Hello,

    My name is Matt Henley and I am a marketing consultant based in Los Angeles. I am trying to reach out to the person that handles the marketing decisions for your company.

    I'd like to offer a free marketing audit and discuss the results and my analysis with you. I’ll be able to give you insight into site’s performance, organic search visibility, adwords advice and answer any other marketing questions you might have to help you better understand your past, present and future marketing efforts. This information is absolutely free and requires zero obligation.

    The companies we work with have benefited from these sorts of insights regardless of whether they work with or without us. Do you have time this week to hop on a call? I’d love to have the opportunity to show you guys some ways you can better and more efficiently grow your business. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Matt Henley

  7. How are you (they used my first and last name),

    We are pleased to propose you job at Partner Financial Group Inc. We feel that your education and background will be important asset to our organization.

    Here are the requirements:

    -Be a competent PC user with 24/5 Internet access;
    -Availability by phone during the day, starting at 9 a.m. your local time.
    -Current Bank Account

    We would like to start working with you ASAP. Please reply to Ms. Price as soon as you receive this offer, for documentation and orientation.

    If you choose to accept this offer, please fill out and send us the form below with your Contact information to verify your identity and interest in this position.

    —————–F O R M ________F O R M——————
    Full Name:
    Preferred call time:
    —————–F O R M ________F O R M——————

    Thank you and waiting for contact from you asap.

    With best regards,

    HR Assistant

    Ms. Price

  8. Hello applicant,

    your application with OGP Inc was approved and
    we are sending you Employment Contract of Online Client support work
    at your residence with this email,

    kindly read and fill up the "Employment Contract" (download link at the bottom on Word file)
    and after signing this contract send us back by Scan email in maximum 2 working days,

    only to email:

    After receiving this contract we will take start to send you the work on Weekly basis,

    you will be OGP Inc's Part Time Permanent Employee for 6 months and after this period
    you can extend agreement for more 6months


    all you have to type our data and Clients data on sheets,

    (Note: complete work tutorial you will get with your first paid project after submission
    of contract)

    following documents issued by hear office for your employment, kindly
    right click on following links and Save on your PC,

    Click below to download your Employment Confirmation letter:

    Click below to download your Employee Card:

    Click below to download your Employment Contract to Sign:

    if click doest not work above then copy and paste above links
    in your browser,

    also you will get your salary every after 6days,


    hope to hear from you soon,

    Eamon G. Caden

    OGP Inc

    Industriestr. 347 str,
    38174 Bremen Germany

  9. Watch out for this scam:

    In response to your details received first i will like to introduce myself properly to you I am Barrister Aaron Liew, a member of the Queen's Council (Q.C.),Malaysian Bar & Japan also am a private attorney to Mr.Khalid Shamsuddin (deceased). I have been his attorney and legal adviser for more than a decade, until his death two months ago. Mr.Khalid Shamsuddin was 82 years old when he died of high blood pressure coupled with his heart disease. Before retiring from active duties, he was a successful business tycoon and crude-oil merchant. His health condition lingered on for many years and became critical as age told on him. He had no biological child but adopted his son Ismail Shamsuddin who is just 12Years old whom he loves so much, and willed his entire estate worth over USD$30,000, 000.00 (Thirty Million United States Dollars) to him which is presently being managed by a private contracting firm until he (Ismail) is old enough to take-over.

    However, he did not declare all his assets intentionally, leaving behind USD$5,000, 000.00 ( Five Million United States Dollars) which is a confidential information between himself and my chambers. He wants a surprise gift of USD$6,000,000.00 (six Million United States Dollars) for his son on his (Ismail) 25th birthday celebration, which is on 31st January,2027. It was his idea that the money be invested in a lucrative business venture that will be hidden from the knowledge of his son until his son's 25th birthday. He also stated that i am to oversee the safety of this fund and ensure that his birthday present for his son (Ismail) gets delivered to him on his 25th birthday, that is, 31st January, 2027.

    The fund (USD$5,000,000.00) is ready to be transferred to you on the following condition:
    *You must refund the sum of USD$5,000,000.00 ( Five Million United States Dollars) initial capital and USD$1,000,000.00 (one Million United States Dollars) as interest, making a total sum of USD$6,000,000.00 (six Million United States Dollars) on or before 1st January, 2027.

    *You must issue this chambers the progress report of the investment on quarterly bases, that is, every three months.
    *Every developmental plan of the investment most be forwarded to this chambers for preview before execution.
    *You are to administrate, manage and head the investment while our duty is to supervise and make sure that the investment is up and doing.
    *We will send delegates to inspect the investment, two weeks after the funds have been transferred to you and two months later for assessment.

    If you have read these conditions and have agreed to them, then we can proceed to the transfer of fund proper. This will involve me processing some legal documents and affidavit to seal our contract and affidavit that will back up the transfer of the funds. Then the transfer of the funds can be made to you through DIPLOMATIC DELIVERY MEANS. Also, please send me a scanned copy of your current identity card or international passport,
    for proper identification.

    Yours faithfully,

    Aaron Liew Chambers (JP)
    Barrister Aaron Liew
    Advocates & Solicitors,Enforcement of IPR,IPR Dispute Resolution,Copyright
    Trade Marks,Public Policy and Government Relation.
    Address: Floor 10, No 2831 Marunouchi
    Cgiyoda Ku
    Tokyo Japan 1006208
    Phone: +81345780321

    This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended
    solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed.
    If you have received this email in error please notify immediately.
    This message contains confidential information and is
    intended only for the individual named. If you are not the named addressee
    you should not disseminate, distribute or copy this e-mail. Please notify
    the sender immediately by e-mail if you have received this e-mail by
    mistake and delete this e-mail from your system. If you are not the
    intended recipient you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing
    or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is
    strictly prohibited.

  10. There appears to be a fraudster selling cars using the email Jessica Pearson must be using throwaway cell phones such as 785-363-9511 (Blue Rapids, KS area).

    These postings are deleted and were found by googling How can Jessica get so many cars in a short time all over the US and sell them? Because it's a SCAM.

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  12. ___Hi,__ This 2006 Toyota RAV4 4WD, runs and drives excellent. It has been extremely well maintained with a full service history, and has not been involved in any accidents. Only 92,400 miles! The automatic transmission shifts smoothly and the engine runs perfect. Title is clear and free of liens. I was transferred to MCB Hawaii to improve the military ability before deployed to Syria if our country decide to send the troops there.The financial part will be managed by Google Wallet, which means that you will have a 7 days inspection period before committing to buy the car. In this way both, buyer and seller are 100% covered during the steps of this transaction. If you agree with my price $2400 and you are interested to conclude this purchase in a timely manner email me your: Full Name and Shipping address , so I can inform Google Wallet that I have a buyer!_____If there are any questions left please don't hesitate to ask. I can provide you more photos & details if you are interested to buy it._____Hope to hear from you soon!__Thanks!___Lt. Emma Hutton_

  13. I sent an e-mail to Money gram this is what they told me

    Dear ,

    Thank you for contacting MoneyGram International.

    We have attempted to contact you via phone without success. Can you provide us with a good time when you can be reached. We would like to discuss the matter of your complaint.

    In order to release confidential information about your transaction, your local police must contact MoneyGram and submit a Court Order. This ensures the documentation we are providing will be used in a lawful manner.

    The police may send the Court Order through email. Their requests should include the following details:

    · Reference number(s) to help identify the correct transaction(s)

    · Date range requested. If not provided, the default range searched is 2 years back from present.

    · Location: States and/or countries in which the suspected activity is occurring. A court order may specify that the activity was sent, received, or sent/received in a particular location, in order to focus the search.

    · Sender and/or Receiver Names, including all possible variations. MoneyGram does not create/provide name variations; these must be listed in the court order/request or in the attachment to the court order/request. It helps to indicate the names are senders only, receivers only, or senders and/or receivers.

    · Requestor contact information (required): Name, mailing address, phone and fax number. Please provide e-mail address if available.

    A Court Order can be sent to

    Please note, once again, that all requests must include complete contact information, activity detail (reference numbers, names, dates, or other relative information), and details regarding the situation.

    Responses will typically be mailed out within 3 weeks from the date the Court Order is received.

    For updates on the status of a subpoena, call 1-800-328-5678 x 3385


    Customer Care Case Management Specialist

    MoneyGram International


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  15. Mark Akinson is a fraud. We talked online for 5 months . Begged for money. Very believable … He said Dire circumstances with his business (oil transport and export) . Promised I would get all money back , I loaned him over $12,000. Bought him blackberry phone. Said he was stuck in Africa on business.never received any money back. Said parents died. Dad had ny house. Daughter Sarah in school in Manchester area. Wife shelia died in fire when he was away on business. Had driver Ohiosikha Paul that collected money orders .. So he said.

  16. Wow, magnificent blog arrangement! Precisely how extensive have you been running a blog intended for? you have made writing a blog start looking uncomplicated. The complete glimpse of your web site is wonderful, not to mention necessary . material!

  17. I got this new scam by email from a person posing as Facebook UAE..note that the email used is BEWARE

    Today at 12:56 PM

    Facebook Lottery Inc.

    Fiduciary Agent: Maria Davies

    (Online Transfer Dept.)


    Tel: +17603491019

    Dear Esteemed U.A.E Facebook User,

    We the Facebook Team are Giving out Billions of Prizes to the Great people of the Middle east (U.A.E) to encourage the usage of Facebook in the Middle East Geographical Region and Islamic Republic as we celebrate with the U.A.E on their 43rd National Day Celebration held on December 2nd 2014. which marks the unification of the seven emirates and the founding of the country in 1971 under Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the first president. We are therefore happy to Notify you that you are the proud winner of our star prize of 800,000 GBP (EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS !!!) .

    For the avoidance of doubt, your Facebook account was generated from the Etisalat U.A.E Official Fanpage and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's Official Fan page who is currently Vice President and Prime Minister of the U.A.E and constitutional monarch of Dubai. He has held those positions since January 2006, when he succeeded his elder brother, Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum. In February 2006, he became Prime Minister of the UAE. You visited his Facebook Fanpage during your Login pace on Facebook, and it was selected through our administrative database from over two million active Facebook profiles from your Geographical Region Middle East (SAUDI ARABIA, PAKISTAN, IRAQ, KUWAIT, QATAR,) as part of our international promotions program which is conducted annually. This was promoted and sponsored by a conglomerate of some multinational companies as part of their social responsibility to the Facebook Users from your Local country (U.A.E) in the Aspect that impacts individual lifestyle worldwide. Further more your details( Facebook account) falls within our British representative office in London UK, and your prize of 800,000 GBP (EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS !!! would be released from our regional office in London, UK.

    Below is your winning information:


    2. BATCH NUMBER: 6854396709/452FB

    3. REF NUMBER: 990078567

    Kindly note that this is a brief Mail to notify you of your winnings. To proceed on your claim validation of 800,000 GBP (EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS !!!) which would be issued as a Bank Draft in your name and couriered safely to your Provided Residential Address, we will need your particulars to verify if you are the Ligitimate owner of this Facebook account. This is very important as it will be required to draw up the winning papers in your name, and the processing of your payment documents. Please if you are not the certified owner of this facebook account, please do not respond as that will amount to impersonation which could lead to civil and criminal proceedings against you.

    Here is a copy of our verification form which you are expected to fill out and submit accordingly so as to proceed with your winning validation. Please attach a recent passport photograph if available (For identification at payment point)

    1. FULL NAMES:


    3. SEX:





    Upon receipt of the duly requested data which is to be sent via email, you will receive the contact information of the payment office to effect the release of your claim in anyway you deem fit.

    Congratulations once more from all Members and Staffs of this Lottery Promotion.

    Facebook Middle East ®


    We found your CV on job board site and we think that you are good applicant for us.
    Today We open a new vacancy of administrative assistants.
    Our Company, OLT, is an affiliate of a major international goods distributor so this job opportunity will implicate sales customer support for arrangements held in Australia.

    For the partial position you will be paid up to 3500 AUD per month plus bonuses. For full-time basis – 5500 AUD monthly plus bonuses. Work schedule is flexible.

    Requirements are: PC with access to the Internet; basic Excel skills the software must be pre-installed; negotiation experience.

    If you are interested, please write to us at: .

    Thank you!

    By jose elidio gonzalez juarez

    • I received this email this morning, it looks similar, how do you know its a scam?

      Saul Hernandez

      Employment 9142162678462/1285

      Location: Australia and New Zealand
      Citizenship or Work permit: AU, NZ
      Required Education: High School/College Diploma
      Type of Employment: Partial
      Pay rate: 4,250 AUD/month
      Bonus: Available

      I have seen your Resume on job board site and we think that you are completely suitable for us. Our advertising firm, which carries out the orders for worldwide company's agents, regional business and government organisations, would like to offer you job position of Service Manager. If you have an interest in cooperation with a strong leadership team, evolving our products and a group that looks more like close friends than colleagues, then this position is just for you! Adaptable timetable is possible.

      Conditions are:
      High School education necessary. Must have Computer and Internet, Microsoft Office or compatible. Must have ideal writing and social skills.

      If you are interested, please contact us at: .
      Thank you for attention!

  19. Received the following unsolicited email:

    " Notification of bequest

    Anderson, Carl (

    I am sending you this email on behalf of Mrs. Jillian Edwards, she has directed me to
    inform you that you are entitled to benefit from her inheritance. To get more info
    please do get in touch with her on email address;
    CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This e-mail communication and any attachments may contain proprietary and privileged information for the use of the designated recipients named above. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure or distribution is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply e-mail and destroy all copies of the original message.

  20. I never dealt with this person plus I have no idea who it is. SCAM!!

    Petersen, Nicole R. (MU-Student) <>
    date:Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 3:35 AM
    :IHi, did you receive my previous lengthy email about some funds that you & I could claim at the HSBC Bank?

    Yours Sincerely

  21. I would like to ask your support by identifying the validity of the following sources

    1.Shaun Howard,
    Human Resource Manager,
    Cairns Farm,
    Kirknewton, Midlothian, Scotland,
    EH27 8DH, United Kingdom

    Tel: +447937432203

    2. Wheatley Patrick Solicitors
    51A Frederick St, Edinburgh,
    Midlothian, EH2 1LH,
    Scotland, United Kingdom.
    Tel: +447937445403

    I have no idea if these sources are scams.

    Best Regard,

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