Lottery Text Scam

Recently received a text recently informing you that you have won the lottery? That’s great, but what if you had not entered the lottery?

The scammers behind this fake lottery scam will try to trick you into sending them a fee for services related to your big win. Most of the time this includes a courier service of some kind. Of interest is that the scammers will defer to a third party to charge the fee, usually it will be someone that you think you trust (Fedex, DHL etc) but these parties will turn out to be fake, i.e., it’s all a scam!

Update: This scam originally started in the UK but looks like it is now going global. Be careful folks.

Scammer Details

Scam OriginMobile Phone Text
John Graham
Richard Watson
Tel. Nrs+447949031015, 44-794-903-1015, +447506472429, (+44)-744-847-2222, +447448472222, +44-750-647-2429, +447506477107, +44750-647-7107, +44 7950 265 915, +447950265915, 0428 354599, +44 7947 385401, +44 794-738-5401, +447947385401, 447791032312, 44 779-103-2312, 447961273341, 44 796-127-3341, 44 752-782-7673, 447527827673, 447506489874, 44 750-648-9874, 447508416316
Web Sites
This was received via text: "Congratulations!! Free lotto UK:Your mobile number has won you the sum £750,000.00 GBP with ref: FPEL/XWN/6730 contact John Graham on"


Received via text: "Congratulation!!:Your mobile number have won £1,000,000.00 with Draw No:29464/2013"


Received via text: "Congratulation Freelotto UK:Your mobile number has won you the sum £750,000.00 GBP with ref:FPEL/XWN/6730 contact John Graham on "

This was then received via email:

You are hereby advised to contact the Courier Company with immediate effect with your full name, draw ref number, contact number, residential address, occupation and age for the delivery of your parcel and winning price.

Please find attached document for information to contact courier Delivery Company: Logistics Worldwide Express on

I will advise as your fiduciary agent to follow the normal procedures given to you to facilitate this claims. You are also advised to keep all your winning information confidential until your funds is finally released to you. This is to protect the winnings of winner.

Thanks for your understanding.

Congratulation! Once again from Free Lotto Organization

John Graham (Fiduciary Agent)
Tel: (+44)-744-847-2222


Attached to the email above was a PDF containing:

UK Head Office Suit 67-88 Lion Towers Central London, England.

ATTN: Winner,

The Entire Board of Directors, Staff and the International Awareness Promotion Department of the FREE LOTTO Online Sweepstakes Program, wishes to congratulate you as one of our star prize winner in this month's FREE

LOTTO Sweepstakes Promotion (IAP) held in England. The selection process was carried out through a Random Selection in our Computerized Email Selection System (C.E.S.S.) from a database of over three million Mobile numbers from A computer ballot selection from different continents of the world. In your Continent, your Mobile number was luckily selected. This makes you a proud winner of the sum of SEVEN HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS (£750,000.OOGBP) The cheque comes with other consolation prize such as T-Shirt,Face Cap, Blackberry mobile phone and Apple Laptop{courtesy Apple}.

In reference to the above, we would recommend our affiliate courier (LOGISTICS WORLDWIDE EXPRESS) which is the only trusted courier presently capable of handling such a vital package as yours, as they have been under a contract with us for quite a long time now to deliver cheques of huge sums from our sponsors to us and our winners. On that note we would require you to contact the courier and arrange them to pick up your Winning Items (i.e. cheque, T-Shirt, Face Cap, Blackberry mobile phone and an Apple Laptop (courtesy Apple). From our office to be delivered to you, be aware that FREE LOTTO office will only dispatch your cheque and other items to them and won't be responsible for any delivery charges incurred. After pick up, they would send you the delivery arrangement of your winning package which you will use to know when your Items would be arriving your location. You can reach the courier through their details below:

Please contact Mr.Richard Watson of Logistics Worldwide Express Delivery Service with Your full Names, Residential Address,Mobile Number,Occupation,Age and Draw ref numbe{FPEL/XWN/6730} by this email


Phone: +44-740-433-8027

You are advised to keep your winning information's confidential until your claim is processed and your winnings safely delivered to you, this is part of our security measures to avoid double claiming on your winning and unwarranted abuse on our program. We advise you give them your Draw number {FPEL/XWN/6730} present to us before we can release your package to them.

Have it in mind that your winning prize cannot be deducted for the delivering charges been charge by the courier company,they have 3 option for your winnings to be delivered or transfered to any bank of your choose as long as you meet the claims procedures. It is the responsibility of the winner to pay for the fees because the total amount has been insured with a HARDCOVER INSURANCE POLICY to the real value.This is in accordance with section 13(1)(n) of the national gambling act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3RD July 1996 by the constitutional assembly. This

is to protect winners and to avoid misappropriation of funds.Its is imperative that you add your DRAW REF NUMBERS as the subject of any correspondence with the delivery department to ensure they respond in a timely manner.

Warm Regards,

195 comments on “Lottery Text Scam

  1. It's a scam. My son received similar texts today. Unfortunately he was charged for them on his pay as you go as well. What a scam!!!!

  2. Mine was by email with an official letter attached. I googled the names and letter head a found this site and numerous other sites all flagging the scam. Always do yor research, if it seems to good, it probably is to good SCAM

    • من الواضح أن هذا ليس فقط في المملكة المتحدة. أرى الكثير من هذا كذلك وأنا بعيدا عنك كل شيء. لماذا يسمح لهؤلاء الناس أن يحصل بعيدا مع هذه الجرائم؟ نحن الضحايا الأبرياء!

    • Similar para mí en España. Me pareció que los nombres y números en este sitio y muchos otros sitios de todo el abanderamiento del fraude.

      • ik denk wel toeval, ik laat nergens mijn telefoon nummer zomaar achten, maar die worden waarschijnlijk gewoon willekeurig gekozen, heb er zelf ook net eentje ontvangen, natuurlijk gelijk ff kieken wat het was, en jahoor scam, was een mooie droom

  3. Congratulation Freelotto UK:Your mobile number has won you the sum £750,000.00 GBP with ref:FPEL/XWN/6730 contact John Graham on

    Same Message here last night on Vodafone the Netherlands… Could it be a Vodafone issue..!?

  4. Ik ook gisteren en vandaag. Met het nummer +447975967539 en +447800593002. Ik heb wel 72cent extra SMS kosten terwijl ik niks terug heb gestuurd

  5. Congratulation; your mobile Phone has won the sum of £500,000.00 GBP with ref: “0”393939388 for claim,email Mr.Graham

  6. just received the following message on my phone. I live in Portugal, but I’ve been on the UK recently.

    Congratulation; your mobile Phone has won the sum of £500,000.00 GBP with ref:29/46/47/51/24 for claim,email Mr.Graham

  7. Ha, I too had the honour of receiving this message from mr Graham,124 Baker Street London, with his clever and illuminating assistant Mr. Watson! Quite close to 221b Baker Street London, home of a very famous clever man with his assistant dr John H. Watson, are we dealing here with the anti-Sherlock Holmes?

  8. Also received message in NL with telnr +44 7506 135 049

    I won 1 mio….wow !!
    Unfortunuatly i dont need this monopoly money :)

  9. buongiorno, vi scrivo,anche se in italiano, x informarvi che è arrivato anche in italia, più precisamente in sicilia…ma quanto scema credono che sia??????

      • Salve vi scrivo dalla Toscana..mi è arrivato un sms sul telefonino,dicendomi di aver vinto un di sterline..sto aspettando…di acciuffare loro….non fatevi fregare..Mike.

        • Si anche a mi e arrivato un messaggio così da questo numero +44 7944894202 . Hanno dito che io vinto di€ e Hanno dito che devo pagare 600 € di corrier che porta l aconsegna.

  10. Ik hb hem gisternacht ook binnengehad. Van die zekere John graham. Dit stond er: Your mobile number has won you the sum £750,000.00 GBP with ref:FPEL/XWN/6730 for claims contact John Graham,

    Ik zeg achter tralies met die lui!

    • I got this too, UK lottery, my number came up for £750.000,00 GBP and a gmail account. I was surprised, but realised it was a scam, so i deleted the message. this was here in Irland.

  11. Got the message twice now within 2 days ( Netherlands) .

    i am curious how on earth they got my number? its not listed anywhere

  12. I, from Holland WON 2.500.00,00 in the UK Mobile Lottery with draw number 161013. WOW !

    Was already selected on October 16th this year ….. what took them so long ?

    Should contact email m.philips071110@gmail, from phone 447957293770.

    Leuk kado zo voor Sinterklaas (en Zwarte Piet natuurlijk), Kerst ….

  13. hier ook vandaag ik heb een mail gestuurd om te checken nummer+447405925948 moest ik bellen om een afspraak te maken Raar dat ze geen kantoornummer hebben en toen kreeg ik de site van RDS express courier &cargo die heb ik gebeld om mijn pakket te ontvangen ik kon vanaf 450 pounds overmaken om gegarandeerd mijn pakket te krijgen en toen ik belde en vroeg of ik achteraf kon betalen vertelde hij dat dat niet mogelijk is maar ze hebben wel een nep gemaakte site en beweerde dat het een legimatete bedrijf is met geen vaste telefoonnummer en er nam een afrikaanse man op en hij belde ook terug om te vragen of ik mee zou doen en of ik het geld kon overmaken via western union wat een killer van een grap achter de tralies met die kutgasten wat een tijdverspilling!!!!!

  14. Received this "nice" txt message in NL on 27-10-2013 too. Congratulations! Your mobile have won £1, 000, 000,- pounds with draw #294 64/2013. For more info & claims contact out office on:"
    When it sounds too good to be true, it always sucks.

  15. Same thing in holland also.. I thought first I google it before I call the number but I don’t call this. Thanks for the comments!

    Greetz from holland!

  16. Yes, eindelijk weer eens een poging tot oplichting, je zou toch zeggen dat de kosten van alle sms’je, die ze moeten sturen meer kosten dan ze opleveren. Nou ja ze doen in ieder geval wel moeite om geld te verdienen :)

    Ditmaal het volgende bericht: Your mobile Phone has won £500,000.00 GBP with ref: 29/46/47/51/24 for claim,email Mr.Graham on:, van het volgende telefoonnummer +447889560198.

  17. Same story for me on a dutch (HEMA) prepaid phone. Received today at 10:21:41 (dutch local time) via SMS centre +447958879883 from number +447949085507.

    Does anyone know how to find out more details about SMS centres ?

  18. This scam is pretty obvious…never subscribed to any foreign lottery, yet I just won a million English pounds.. nevertheless they text me from the uk on my dutch phone, I wonder if they are just guessing random numbers, or if they are getting them somewhere, and it makes you want to take some sort of revenge anyway… who’s giving away (or selling) our phone numbers..? Looks like a lot of Dutch people got these messages, send from uk numbers, doesn’t make a lot of sense…

    • This scam is pretty obvious…never subscribed to any foreign lottery, yet I just won a million English pounds.. nevertheless they text me from the uk on my dutch phone, I wonder if they are just guessing random numbers, or if they are getting them somewhere, and it makes you want to take some sort of revenge anyway… who’s giving away (or selling) our phone numbers..? Looks like a lot of Dutch people got these messages, send from uk numbers, doesn’t make a lot of sense…

      Came from:


  19. ATTN: Winner
    Tel. +447024061796
    Mobiel Number : +447012909283

    Free Lotto Sweepstakes Promotion ( IAP )
    2,555 million gb pounds en diverse app.

    Ziet er leuk uit, op internet meer van deze info gelezen, grappig hoor!
    11-01-2014 op mobiel ontvangen.

  20. Same here in Germany. Received this SMS from phone no. +447506436249 some minutes ago:

    "Congratulations! Your mobile phone number was selected as the winner of £2,000,000 on Mobile Lottery with Draw # 13415857 email: for claims"

    If anyone wants the money… feel free to try it, and tell us all how it ended. :-)

  21. Just got this in NL too:
    "your mobile number was randomly selected as a winner of 2.500.000.00 on UK LOTTO with Draw "

    People report the scam phone number to the police, they should sent them sms/mobile bombs to disable them mobiles!

  22. I sent an email to the address in the message, then i got an email saying i needed to pay 500 euro to open a bankaccount in which my 750000 would be deposited.
    Then i sent 500 euro, and then they asked for 275 euro for extra transaction fees.
    When will i get my money? I already paid 775 euro for this.

  23. Пришло сообщение с номера +447539742764
    congratuiation; your mobile phone has won the sum of gbp with ref no; 29/46/47/51/24. for claim email graham moore on:
    Полный развод.
    Уже и до Белоруссии добрались(((

  24. odinakovo, imne segodnya prishlo v Belarus.
    Congratulation:Your mobile phone has won the sum of £1,000,000.00GBP with Ref No:29/46/47/51/24. For claim email,Mr Graham Moore

  25. Yesterday I've got a message from +447527018780 which contains such a text "Congrat! FreeLottoUK:Your mobile number has won you the sum £750,000.00 GBP with ref: FPEL/XWN/4672 contact Raymond Graham on for claim" (Belarus)

    • чево происходит? мне прислали письмо о том что я выиграл как это узнать на самом деле или обман?

  26. 26.04.2014
    получили смс следующего содержания с номера +447960981383

    Congrat!! LottoUK:Your mobile number won the sum of F750,000.0 ПИК with ref no: FPEL/XWN/4629 contact David Gatland on for claim.

  27. получил техт с +447894856963 просят послать СМС на номер – решетка 13415857. ребят полное разводилово даже не пробуйте.

  28. Пришло вот такое сообщение с номера +447585332736:
    Congratulations! Your mobile number was selected as the winner of £2,000,000 on Mobile Lottery with Draw# 13415857 for claims.

    Что это значит?

  29. Поздравляем! Ваш номер мобильного телефона выбран в качестве победителя £ 2 000 000 на мобильный лотереи с розыгрышем 13415857 email: для претензий

  30. thanks everybody, i live in Holland & yesterday 15-6-2014 i won 1000,000,00 GBP. Draw Number:361214 from phone no. +447944180494 claim prize Email : courier (RDS COURIER DELIVERY SERVICES) …Mr. Andrew Lawrence of RDS Courier Cargo and Delivery Service with Your full Names, Address,
    Mobile Number and draw number (3612/14) by this email
    Phone: +447448756046 …..Warm Regards,
    Mr. Brain Calton.

    The Free Lotto Company
    UK Head Office Suit 67-88
    Lion Towers Central London,

  31. My husband received a message this morning on his Spanish mobile which came via the same scam from Raymond Graham. Can the British police do something about this or even google as these b*****ds are using a reputable email server. I feel sorry for the elderly who may get caught up in this scam and I would like to see this type of scum put behind bars.

  32. Sunday, 27/07/2014, I received on my mobile phone an sms from nr. +447572655015 with the following text: 'Congratulations! your mobile has won you 1.000.000 GBP in the UK FREELOTTO with drawnumber etc. to claim prize Email to'. So I did, 2 days later I got a mail back with 2 attachments, one certificate and one with the text how to act to get my million bucks safely at my home address. I had to contact RDS EXPRESS COURIER AND CARGO for that, I one only had to pay the delivery charges. I was excited but I didn't trust it overall. So I googled and found this site. THANK YOU FOR THIS WEBSITE!! Otherwise I may have gone further, with severe financial consequences! I live in the Netherlands, so people: WATCH OUT and don't go into this!

  33. Today my grandma got this text message, luckily she doesn't speak in english, but as she called the phone number, she didn't get any answer (how surprising).
    "Congrat! FreeLottoUK:Your mobile number won the sum of £750,000.00 GBP, ref sum FPEL/XWN/4672 contact Raymond Graham on for claim."
    2014.07.28. 16:13
    Budapest, Hungary

  34. same message L 1,488,000.00 from Fred Cole Morrison
    tel +447423819728
    I am finally rich !
    Thank You UK FREE LOTTERY !

  35. Zojuist deze mail binnengekregen

    Zat op zee op mijn schip onderweg naar Engeland.

    Sms is van 16:44 NL tijd woensdag 13 augustus 2014

    Dit kreeg ik binnen???:

    Congratulations! your mobile# has won you £1,000,000,00 GBP In the UK FREELOTTO with Draw Number 3612\14 to claim prize Email:

    Telefoonnummer is:

    +44 7437 191320

    Hoe komen ze aan mijn mobiele nummer???

    Dus even gegoogled

  36. Ciao questa mattina mi è arrivato un messaggio riguardo al premio in palio di 1.000.000£ vogliamo sapere di che si tratta. Potete contattarmi nella mia email, altrimenti al mio numero di telefono: 3420748590

    • Ciao io ho ricevuto un messaggio come il vostro, e vero o solo una bufala per truffare?
      ti chiedo sa cortesemente puoi spiegarmi la tua esperienza.

  37. Jan 5, 2015, 4.32am
    From: +447534634803 through: +447958879879
    Text: Congrat!! FreeLotto UK: your number won the sum of £750,000.00 with ref number FPEL/XWN/4672 Contact Raymond Graham on for claim.

    So same story, I am in Italy. Hope it can help to have a record of this scam.

  38. La estafa continúa, he recibido en España, TEXTO;
    Congrat! EuroLottoUK: Tu numero de movil ganó la suma de 750.000,00 Libras GBP al numero ref XXXXXXXXXXXXX contacto Raymond Graham en
    Desde el número de teléfono +447539861233
    Por supuesto no he llamado, pero como no sabía era estafa, le envié un correo desde gmail, espero no haber cometido ningún error, no responden correo.

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